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Bilingual signage in schools

By Education Infrastructure Service at Ministry of Education

Having school signs in both English and Māori acknowledges the importance of the Māori language and provides learning opportunities for students, families and staff. The Ministry encourages schools to install bilingual signs if they have not already done so. 

When is the best time to install bilingual signs?

When you are doing any property work at the school, consider opportunities to install bilingual signs as part of the project.

How do we pay for installing bilingual signs?

If you are doing a capital work project using five year agreement (5YA) funding, the cost of installing the signs can be paid for as part of the project.

Alternatively, you can use your 5YA funding to create a separate project to install signs if you have completed health and safety and essential infrastructure projects. Read more about 5YA here.

An example of bilingual signage in a school.

An example of bilingual signage in a school.

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